Tips For Choosing Table Lamps For End Tables

table lamp 57cm

GETTING THE RIGHT LIGHTING DESIGN IS ESSENTIAL FOR ANY HOME. Thankfully, there are some simple principles that help you avoid serious mistakes and ensure that your lighting is in line with current design standards. The most common mistake people make with lamps for end tables is choosing a lamp that is too small. This is particularly true when you are considering the combined height of the end table and the lamp. A standard floor lamp reaches 58 to 64 inches on average, so it’s important that the combined height of the end table and the light is equal to this.

Alternatively, it can be beneficial to match the height of the lamp with that of the other furniture in the room. This way, you can use your lighting to add depth and dimension to a room.

The Pleat table lamp from Cooper & Co features an eye-catching textured ceramic base and a soft fabric drum shade that harbours light for a stylish, contemporary look that complements many interior styles and themes. Available in white and grey, it makes a smart reading lamp on a bedside table or a desk lamp for the home office.